Our working process

Many organizations are initially wary of the development of new digital platforms. After all, the development processes tend to be cumbersome, long, and extremely expensive. In most cases, we will be bombarded with technical terms we do not understand, and our control of the conduct of the project will be extremely limited.


To overcome these challenges and guarantee you the highest level of service, we at Aritmix have developed a unique work process that guarantees a high level of transparency and a more precise adaptation than ever to your organizational needs.


So how does this work?

Via several clear and easily understood development steps, we will launch your project with your hand constantly on the wheel.


We work with all the tools at our disposal to get to know you as deeply as possible. We view this as our most important guarantee for a high production level. Together, we will learn your organizational vision in-depth and set targets your new system should realize.

Your organization's unique needs are the guiding light by which we design our solutions. Thus, we will familiarize ourselves during the characterization stages of all aspects of the organization's activity and identify its unique needs. These will be the foundations of the entire development process.

We will begin to characterize your technological product by utilizing the information we have gathered in the earlier stages. We will present our conclusions and initial design on a legible, clear document for a preliminary inspection. We begin the development process only after you confirm these plans and ensure that everything is clear.


This is where your project takes off, and the idea becomes a reality. The entire development process takes place in total transparency and enables you to track its progress in real-time. An intelligent, accessible system will always be available to you, ensuring you will have complete control over all that is done in the project.


The software investigation processes are among the most significant in developing any technological product. This is why we have recruited top-grade QA specialists. Our team will meticulously inspect the system code and features for you, re-examine the user experience, and perform all the necessary repairs.

Even once we conclude that your product is ready, the ball will be returned to your court. At this stage, we will present the final product for comments, amendments, and improvements before launch. We will prepare the product for a final launch only once we provide a precise solution to your requirements.

Congratulations – your new site, system, or application is going live!

Shall we get started at stage one?

To begin designing a site of any scope, an organizational management system for any need or function, and applications that will provide your audience with a better-than-user experience – it all starts with precisely characterizing your requirements. We invite you to approach us today to discover our extensive technological skills up close. We will happily answer any questions and coordinate a characterization discussion to lay the foundations for your new product. For additional information and to coordinate a conversation, leave details right now – we will get back to you!